Seasonal Flavors!

Chocolate Peppermint: Our Heirloom recipe with peppermint flavor, drizzled with dark chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar! Ideal holiday gift! 
5 oz. bag/$7.99

Holiday Dusters: *Grandma’s Special*HOLIDAY COOKIE* loaded with toasted pecans & gently rolled in powdered sugar! Unbelievably delicious! (or “a true delicacy” or “out of this world”) Available only in December 

5 oz. bag/$7.99


Lemon Breeze: A bright, yet subtle burst of zesty lemon with a  sweet tangy drizzle! Our lemon biscottini have just enough lemon for the true lemon connoisseur or anyone craving a tart, yet sweet flavor.  5 oz. bag/ $7.99!  


**Decadent Triple Chocolate: Decadent – chocolate lovers will flip!  Made with pure cocoa powder, dark chocolate inside and drizzled on top. 5 0z bag/ $7.99



060613_0221_PRODUCTS1.jpgAnise PecanGrandma Santi’s™ Original recipe–a hint of Anise enhanced with toasted pecans—a true companion to coffee or wine! 5 oz. bag/$7.99! 

060613_0221_PRODUCTS3.jpgAlmondA traditional biscotti flavor with toasted almonds inside—light, delicate, perfect! 5 oz. bag/$7.99!

060613_0221_PRODUCTS2.jpg**Chocolate Almond: Our Almond BISCOTTINI topped with Dark Ghirardelli Chocolate,toasted almonds—a real crowd pleaser! 5 oz. bag/$7.99! 


Orange Cranberry: Refreshing citrus with generous amounts of dried cranberries! Perfect with cheese, nuts, fruits, etc. 5 oz. bag/$7.99!

DSCN3095**Chocolate Orange Cranberry: Orange Cranberry with dark orange chocolate & crumb topping!  5 oz. bag/ $7.99! 

 DSCN2839Prickly Pear-MesquiteA taste of Arizona! Prickly Pear candy with mesquite flour and walnuts! Two flavors you don’t want to pass up! 5 oz. bag/ $7.99!  

**Available when temps are under 75 degrees in Arizona